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Since completing the most remarkable season for an expansion team in the N.H.L. or any sport, Vegas
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Golden Knights General Manager George McPhee has had little time to rest on his laurels.
The grand jury also indicted a trainer who, like Nassar, worked for U.S.A. Gymnastics.
The one-handed backhand is now in the distinct minority in the men’s game, but it continues to be em
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braced by some of the greatest young talents.
The grass at the All England Club can be challenging for the players and the grounds crew during the
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Even with a low seed, the presence of Williams continues to dominate women’s tennis.
The grass at Wimbledon favors big servers and versatile, explosive players.
Eight years ago, lacrosse was a sport largely unknown in Israel. Now, thanks to an American-born ent
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repreneur, the country is about to host a world championship.
The Liberty don’t have many wins this season, but at least they have set a W.N.B.A. record for most
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Kias in league history.
Richardson, whose workplace behavior was first exposed by Sports Illustrated in December, is in the
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process of selling the team for $2.2 billion.
The draw gave Williams a comfortable start on the path toward a possible eighth Wimbledon title.
The free-agent market opens at 12:01 a.m. Eastern on Sunday. James might end up in Cleveland after a
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Sandy Alcantara allowed just one run over five innings for the Marlins.
The Mavericks are still expected to re-sign Nowitzki in July but are making the move to maximize the
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ir financial flexibility in pursuit of other free agents.
The French will aim to control Lionel Messi, the Argentine star who has never scored in the knockout
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Steve Pearce, who has now played for every American League East team, batted cleanup for Boston at Y
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ankee Stadium after a trade from Toronto the night before.
As Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman seeks a pitcher to bolster the starting rotation, the quest
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ion becomes whether it is worthwhile to give up a promising young player like Andujar.
The greatest basketball player in the world might join a new team, instantly making it a title conte
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nder. Or he might stay with the Cavaliers.
Argentina and France, two star-studded teams that have been underwhelming so far, face off in the kn
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ockout stage. Stay here for live scoring and updates from Russia.
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